How to Write a Narrative Essay

A narrative is a personal story. That definition immediately tells us what a narrative essay is all about. In your undergraduate courses, you will be required in some specific occasions to write personal stories in essay format.


Do not be afraid, in this post, you will learn how to write a narrative essay. 

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Narrative essay definition


A narrative essay allows you to write about your personal experiences. That said, it allows you to utilize the first person throughout your essay. You will use words like “I, we, us,” and many more first-person pronouns. 


A narrative essay also makes use of elements of a narrative including a plot, setting, characters, conflict, and themes. Make sure your story has a plot or the overall storyline. The story should be set in a particular place in time. Your story should also have characters who are at the center of the story. Good stories have conflict, so make sure yours has one. Lastly, juice up the story with a good theme. 


However, that does not mean that the narrative essay does not have a structure and format. Like every other type of essay, the narrative essay has an introduction, body, and conclusion. 


Narrative Essay format


In a narrative essay, you are required to write the introduction first. Since this is an essay about the personal experiences and story, make sure you start with a personal anecdote, quote, or statistic that will attract the attention of readers. 


Similarly, a narrative essay has themes. You are, therefore, required to introduce the subject of your narrative in the introduction. What will you be writing about? Make sure you provide an interesting background to your narrative. 



In the body of your essay, write your narrative. Use the first person and make sure you expound on your narrative to make it more detailed and interesting. Make sure you present one idea in each paragraph. Do not clutter your paragraphs with many stories. Make sure your story follows a chronological order and that the plotline is easy to follow.




Conclude your essay with a powerful ending. Make sure you present the moral of the story or the meaning that a reader can derive from the story. Make sure you end with power. 

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