8310 dis 2 week 6

In Week 5, you selected one of the Scholars of Change videos to begin the coding process. For this Discussion, you will select another Scholars of Change video, different than the one you selected in Week 5, to begin coding not only your field notes but also the transcript of the video you downloaded.

To prepare for this Discussion:

• Review the chapters in the Saldaña text.

• Review the Introduction to Coding and From Content to Coding media programs in the Learning Resources.

• Refer back to your observational field notes from Weeks 1–4 Scholars of Change videos.

• From the remaining videos, choose a different Scholars of Change video and refer to your notes from your observation for this Discussion.

• Access the transcript you downloaded for the media program of the Scholars of Change video you selected for this Discussion.

• Begin to code the transcript and the observational field notes of the Scholar of Change video you chose. (Note: You will only need one or two codes for this Discussion, although more are acceptable.)

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